Using my leftovers

When I was making my recent series of random strip pieced quilts I had a lot of leftover scraps of fabric.
Hand dyed scraps left over from my "Flying Home" quilts.

Rather than throw them away I kept them all so that I could create a new background by fusing them onto a piece of cotton fabric with MistyFuse.
Strips fused onto a piece of plain white cotton to create a new background
I couched on a few random pieces of yarn to add texture and then using a very fine polyester thread I ran a few rows of stitching to hold everything in place, because although they are all fused the ends tend to lift up a bit and odd bits catch here and there.
Adding some rows of stitching to hold the strips of fabric in place.
The fun part is adding rows and rows of stitching using a wide range of threads to cover all the raw edges and blend all the strips together. I started off with heavier weight threads and then just kept going until almost all of the background was covered in stitching. 
Once the background was covered with stitching I cut out and fused two tree shapes, and then free motion stitched more branches, twigs and leaves and some grasses to complete the design.
Trees at sunset


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    1. Hi Domesticat, I used a fusible web, a product that has a glue coating usually set by heating with an iron. I placed a layer of this web on the background fabric, layered up my strips of fabric to cover the fusible web and then ironed it all in place to stick it down. If using this method it is safest to cover the strips of fabric with a cloth or some sort of non stick sheet to protect your iron from the glue.

  2. Love your use of the scraps. From the face book picture i thought the background was was one piece of fabric. Love the scene.


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