Digital print fabrics

I have recently started designing my now fabrics inspired by some of my quilt designs, my drawings, photos and paintings. My designs are available in a wide range of fabrics as wells wall paper and gift wrap from my Spoonflower shop: 
I also enjoy making up tea towels, cushions and zipper pouch bags from my fabrics and some of these are available from my etsy shop:

Red orchids on yellow, linen cotton tea towel and my original sketch and painting 

Hornbill design cushions printed on organic cotton sateen with the South China sea in the background.

Purple orchids and trailing leaves from my original watercolor paintings.

Design of sea shells picked up on my daily walks along the local beach.

Digital print cushion from a photo I took of driftwood on the beach

Periwinkle flower tea towel

Hornbill tea towel printed on linen cotton from an original  painting

Chrysanthemum flowers on organic cotton sateen

White orchids on blue, pencil pouch

Gecko design coin pouch

Gecko design pencil case

White orchid design place mat.

Gecko tea towel

Another gecko tea towel

Hornbill design pencil case