Fabric dyeing for new projects

This last week I have been busy dyeing fabrics for some new projects and I started off with a range of vibrant golden yellows, oranges and purples rather than the greens and blues which I use so frequently. I don't like to use the dye colours straight out of the pot so I will generally mix them up before adding to my fabrics to create more variety. Also I mix the colours once I've made up the dye solution rather than trying to measure tiny amounts of dye to make up colours beforehand. I have tried that method but it didn't suit my way of working.
Low water immersion dyeing my fabrics for lots of texture and vibrant colours.
I used a mixture of golden yellow,warm red and warm blue to create rich sunset colors and squishing my fabrics into small containers gives lots of texture to the finished material. Generally I presoak my fabrics in soda ash before adding the dye so that the dyes set almost straight away.
I use green a lot as most of my work is inspired by nature and the rain forest where I live so after I'd done my bright colours I did a few more greens.
My green fabrics and the rain forest photos that inspire me.
It is often difficult to get good, rich greens so over the years I have found a formula that works for me, although I don't always stick to this method of working. To achieve these rich, deep greens I first dye the fabric a base colour, usually this is a bright spring green, then I dye again using a dark green or straight blue, and often a combination of both of these.
My jungle greens
By doing it this way, I avoid having any white patches which I don't want and if I want texture as in these fabrics I dye them in a small container.
Some of my photos which I use for inspiration when dyeing greens.


  1. I am eager to try you method of dying small batches and especially your method for greed.

    1. Thanks Barbara, it is quite labour intensive but I love doing it that way because you get such unique results and definitely works well for greens because it is often so hard to find those lovely rich colors you need for landscapes and foliage.


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